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Just Getting Started?

Step By Step

Publishing has never been easier. It wasn't so long ago, that we used pen and paper, or for the more advanced, a typewriter.

    I don't have to tell you about making mistakes, and the need to re-write or type an entire page. Where as now with the Mac or PC, and any word program you can cut, paste, delete, and add to any number of things.

   And the more advanced word programs even check for spelling errors.


It has never been easier to get that manuscript down to a point where you have gone through many drafts, and you are ready to present it to someone.

It has never been easier

You Have A Manuscript.

So now what?

Typical publishing dilemma, "I have been to a publisher or two, or five, and all I get, after weeks and months of waiting, is a refusal. I have never published, so no one will look at me."

We Will

Our staff will look at Your Manuscript once received, and a publishing determination will take place, at which point an agreement will be drafted and sent to you for your approval. Then we can move forward into publishing.

Your work will be available through TheEbookStore.com, and you will be required to promote the book through a few of the inexpensive online avenues.

It truly is that easy.

Royalties To Author

If the manuscript is complete, Proof read, and wrapped in an eBook format, and there is nothing else to do, then You will be paid up to 80 percent of an agreed retail price.


eBookPublisher.ca prefers to not proof read to correct books, and will decline poorly drafted books.


After Downloading the 'eBook Publishing Request Form' fill it out and send it with a copy of your book to us. We will assess the work and will send a contract for you to sign.


All eBooks will be displayed and sold through our Sister site.


If You Wish We Can Protect Your eBook From Piracy

We Use The Same Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm

As The U.S. Government Uses




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